"Failed to extract ...." message appears when trying to install AutoPIPE, why?

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May 2023


The fallowing appears when trying to install AutoPIPE

Why and how to avoid it?


The installer would initially attempt to install the various applications by unpacking them from the bootstrapper. If there was a problems, a message similar to the one above would be displayed with information about the issue.

Question: What would cause this to occur?


There could be any number of reasons why the installer could not run as intended:

- Bad software file (The corruption may occur during download or during copy from one machine to another)

- Virus protection

- Permission

- Company Policy (Restriction policies e.g. installation from network/restricted location)

- etc...

Question: How to fix it so the application installs with out the above related issues?


Complete the each of the avoidances as ordered below:

Avoidance #1:

1. Reboot the computer. 

2. Next, download the application from Bentley's Software Download per instructions here.

3. Move the downloaded software to the computer where the application is to be installed

Note: Do not install the application from a remote location

4. Contact Company IT Department asking them to suspend Virus protection and provide Admin rights for installing the application.

5. Install the software..

Does this resolve your issue, are you able to start and use AutoPIPE?

If yes, great continue working with AutoPIPE

If no, continue below

Avoidance #2:

1. Go to WIKI hereopen Release Notes for software version being installed, and click on link to Detailed Readme file. 

2. On the Detailed Readme page, scroll down to the Installation Requirements section. Find list of the required components that should have be installed automatically.

3. Manually install all of the prerequisites.


a. Collaborate with own company IT department to assist as needed to install all of the prerequisites.

b. Download and Install current version of CONNECTION Client - click here

c. Follow instructions here to extract all setup / msi files and install them one by one.

4. Reboot the computer. 

5. Install AutoPIPE software. 

Does this resolve your issue, are you able to start and use AutoPIPE?

If yes, great continue working with AutoPIPE

If no, continue below

Avoidance #3:

If all Avoidance #1 and #2 have failed, log a new Case with Bentley. Be sure to include the following:

1. Mention this WIKI with name and link.

2. Event Viewer log files - click here and follow step #2

3. WinDBG log file - click here

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