RAM Modeler Issues with Remote Desktop

 Product(s):RAM Structural System; Ram Modeler
 Area: Graphics; User Interface

Problem Description

On some computers, when accessing the RAM Modeler from a remote desktop connection, through VPN or other virtualization software, the screen may be stretched or distorted. 


The graphics behind the Ram Modeler are somewhat old and based on screen bits that don't always scale nicely. 


Ideally the software should be installed locally. With CONNECT Licensing you are able to use the software from any machine. 

If this is not an option, there may be a way to change the resolution of the end user's monitor to improve things, but this does not always work. Keep in mind that the graphics are stretched, but the program will still function correctly. Member lengths are still correctly considered. 

Here are a few additional tips that might help.

Increase the model extents or margin

If you need to move the model full zoom view away from the edges, increasing the margin, consider stretching the grids. 

The model extents can also be expanded by adding some object like a column, deck or load beyond the outermost point. 

Two ways to Pan

When zoomed in, you can pan with the scroll bars on the right and bottom of the screen. On some remote desktops the scroll bars may get cut off. In that case click and hold down the center Wheel button and then drag the mouse around like a joystick to scroll. The farther you move from the click point the faster it should scroll. 

High Resolution 4K Monitors

High resolution 4K monitors will also have a problem of very small toolbar icons. We need to update the icon library to support larger screen resolution. Meanwhile if the screen resolution cannot be reduced we recommend trying keyboard shortcuts. Most any menu item can be access using alt + some letter combination.

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