02. Bentley AutoPIPE Installation Test Set (ITS)

Bentley AutoPIPE and higher provides Commercial users with an Installation Test Set (ITS), so they can verify proper operation of AutoPIPE program once it has been installed on a computer.

The accuracy of AutoPIPE is verified by Bentley during execution of Alpha Tests, which are performed prior to any Commercial or Quality Assured release. Alpha Tests consist of a matrix of test systems designed to capture key feature attributes related to numeric and functional processing. Each set of test outputs is compared to a prepared set of expected results (i.e. Mathcad's, hand calculations, some other well-established computer program etc.), and evaluated for acceptance. This ITS is based on a selected sample of test systems from the entire Alpha Test matrix.

Using the Command Search Utility: 


Search for "Installation Test set"

Once the command has been selected the following dialog will appear. First select the Documentation button and thoroughly read it to understand how to use the feature and the limitations when compared to a QA/R ATS. 

Only after reading the document should one attempt to run the ITS. 

Typical questions:

Q1. Where are the ITS files saved?


 As mentioned in the ITS documentation:

Each output file generated by the test is automatically compared to the corresponding previously verified output file (from Alpha tests) located in the “OUT” directory of the AutoPIPE installation directory. The result of this comparison is stored in the text file ComparisonLog.txt.

Location example, AutoPIPE 12.7

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT v12\ITS\OUT

Q2. Most validation procedures require comparison of Mathcad's, hand calculations, etc. to output results; are these extra files available for AutoPIPE Commercial user?


The only files available and their locations are mentioned in the documentation PDF indicated on the dialog above. Suggest to read the entire PDF file and follow the "Installation verification Procedure" mentioned in the PDF.

IF your audit / verification requires more documentation than provided by the ITS, consider updating to a QAR subscription to have access to the full ATS and many more perks. 

Q3. What are the expected results of the ITS?


As mentioned in the ITS documentation, the intent of of the ITS is to "verify proper operation of AutoPIPE program". This is done with comparing the results from the ITS to respective results extracted from the complete ALPHA tests performed. Therefore to see the expected results, open and review the original output files in the ITS folder mentioned above.

Added information, the Alpha test results are vetted with documented Mathcad's, hand calculations, some other well-established computer program, etc. Users that are part of the QA program are able to run the full ATS and receive a copious amount of information supporting each model of the ATS. This level of information in not available outside of the QA program. See WIKI here for more information on AutoPIPE's QA program. 

Q4. Which node points in the model are checked. 


The complete output reports are compared. Any differences in settings or values would have been flagged in the log file. 

Q5. When will there be more models added to the ITS? 


Unfortunately the ITS will not be expanded to any more models. Again, the intent of the ITS is to provide a means of validation for the AutoPIPE computer program to analyze and produce accurate results for a small variety of piping models as installed in a specific operating environment. The ITS is not intended to validate every code and type of calculation. 

If you require a more in-depth test set then please sign up for the AutoPIPE QA program. This program has what is called an ATS that runs over 100+ models. See WIKI here and contact Joanie Mayberry for more details about joining the QA program.

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