Pressure Vessels

01. How to optimize Body flange design in AutoPIPE Vessel?

02. Number of bolts required for design using AutoPIPE Vessel

03. On Body flange tab, why the calculation of bolts is set by default on the dialog and then imposed by the code to calculate the section in the background thread in AutoPIPE Vessel?

04. Why Corrosion Allowance on the Component Properties dialog in AutoPIPE Vessel is grayed out?

05. Why is Bolting Required area = 0 in AutoPIPE Vessel report?

06. In the annex you will find a file for a vessel according to ASME VIII/2 under internal and external pressure. In the design report it is stated that the opening N03.1 is not adequately reinforced for external pressure.

07. There is an empty page only instead of report after a calculation in AutoPIPE Vessel output report, why?

08. Gasket and Bolt Calculation, what is DL in AutoPIPE Vessel

09. Why does the Packing Weight summary have a different count than shown in the model view for AutoPIPE Vessel?

10. Report option "Report determining case only" in the submenu "Report " appears to not be working correctly in AutoPIPE Vessel

11. When we compute a heat exchanger submitted to wind and earthquake and we select “report determining case only”, APV print lifted and erected cases whereas when we print all cases, the determining case is operating.

12. When computing local loads on a cylindrical shell, the error message “122 CHECKING DATA : Data in this file are obsolete, save it with the latest release to convert data or use a previous release.” displays. What is generating this error?

13. If dc = D2 was applicable to calculate λc only, can this relationship also be apply to equation 49 of GOST R 52857.3 n AutoPIPE Vessel?

14. What fatigue calculations are performed in AutoPIPE Vessel?

15. Can a reinforcing pad be placed on both shell locations of a vertical vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

16. Consequence of the input of the elevation in the dialog of the bracket or ring

17. How to add a skirt to a pressure vessel?

18. How to design a jacketed vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

19. How to get the nozzle orientation in a view not in a table?

20. How to model a Goose neck nozzle out the bottom of a vertical vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

21. Saddles - Calculation of the horizontal longitudinal reactions (RaHL) When do the sliding saddles start to move?

22. What would be the best recommended saddle position for a horizontal vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

23. Can you specify different temperature zones for a vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

24. How can one change the deflection and rotation limits on columns (top and trays) especially for optimization of column design in an AutoPIPE Vessel Model?

25. How can we change reference point in AutoPipe vessel while designing pressure vessel?

26. How do you specify longitudinal weld orientation in AutoPIPE Vessel?

27. How to add weight of packing to the “lifting” load case in an AutoPIPE Vessel model?

28. How to create custom saddles in AutoPIPE Vessel?

29. How to model a standard raised face ring type joint flange in AutoPIPE Vessel?

30. How to specify circular weld in AutoPIPE Vessel?

31. How to add a boot to a vertical vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

32. Can 2 rings supports be added to a AutoPIPE Vessel model?

33. Why are there no trunnions characteristics for our vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel's output report

34. How To insert a Boot

35. How does one model supporting an inner vessel from an outer vessel in AutoPIPE Vessel?

36. How AutoPipe vessel takes care of "After forming thickness" for different kind of pressure vessel "Heads"?

37. Can Auto Pipe Vessel design the guide support or calculate the reaction on the guide support and corresponding stress on the shell of the tall column?

38. How to add more than 04 vents in the skirt?

39. How to model a skirt stiffener in AutoPIPE Vessel

40. In a vertical vessel model with a skirt, the bottom ellipsoidal head needs to be changed to a conical head, but is not graphically drawn correctly in AutoPIPE Vessel, who and how to fix it?

41. Connecting head directly to flange in AutoPIPE Vessel

42. How can I insert a saddles with a stiffener ring in AutoPIPE Vessel?

43. How to model a vertical vessel for transportation in horizontal position using AutoPIPE Vessel?

44. What is the critical value of half angle at skirt apex considered by the software for GOST code?

45. What is the required thickness for the longitudinal stresses at the circumferential weld (ASME VIII UG-27(c)(2))?

46. What methods are used to calculate the K factor from ASME VIII Div 1

47. Do the horizontal seismic actions in AutoPIPE Vessel come from the full weight in case (+), and in case (-) come from a reduced weight? (reduced = 60% of weight)

48. Add a platform to a horizontal vessel

49. How to add a structural shape C for skirt attachments as per EN 13445-3 (Figure 16.12-3) and AD2000 S3/1 ?

50. How to add a multiple saddle in horizontal pressure vessel?  

51. Flange rating in program does not match that in the report

52. Model Flat head welded to wall per UW-13-2(d)

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