02. Imported related issues in AutoPIPE

What file formats can AutoPIPE Import/Export?

1. AutoPIPE Files:

a. AutoPIPE model (DAT)

b. AutoPIPE Backup (BAK)

c. AutoPIPE Batch (NTL)

d. Archive (APC) 

2. AutoPIPE Translators:

Note: before importing a file int AutoPIPE, be sure to perform the following commands in the original application creating these files
     - audit
     - purge
     - database clean

a. ADL PIPE Translator (*.ADI)

Import ADLPIPE file into AutoPIPE 

b. PCF Translator (*.PCF)

Import application generated PCF files from:

i. Autodesk Inventor                   v. Solidworks

ii. Autodesk Plant 3D                 vi. Catia

iii. CADWorx                              vii. Medusa 

iv. SmartPlant 3D                      viii. AutoDesk Revit

c. Strait Translator (*.n)

Import PDS files into AutoPIPE

d. ISM (*.ism)

Update from Repository

3. Other Formats

a. After import, how to fix piping that are not all connected? 

->Example #1

->Example #2


c. AutoDesk REVIT (PCF, ISM) 

d. Aveva E3D PSI (XML)

e. Bechtel (NTL/INP)

f. Bentley AutoPlant / OpenPLANT  (PXF)

 ->PXF Import : CADAP.MAP Options

g. Bentley HAMMER

h. Bentley Microstation (XLS, XLSX, TXT)

i. Bentley PlantSPACE  (PSDS)

j. Bentley ProStructures

k. Bentley Sacs (PIPELINK or ISM)

l. Bentley STAAD Using PipeLink or Sqlite Pipelink 

m. CAD (general) To Stress Integration

n. CIMSteel Integration Standards (CIS/2) (STP)

o. caesar (CII)

p. CAEPipe or Kpipe

q. MS Excel (XLS, XLSX, TXT)

r. Intergraph PDS (N)

s. OpenBIM data exchange (IFC)

t. PipeNet

u. PDMS (Plant Design Management System) using I-Sketch, I-Run or Spoolgen (CII)

-> PDMS using I-Sketch, I-Run or Spoolgen

-> PDMS using cii file format

v. PTC Creo

w. SAP 2000 model file


4. General Questions

1. Maintain node numbers on imported geometry 

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