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Comments, Questions, and Answers about general AutoPIPE issues:

Item #1:

When using the mouse to double click on the *.DAT, AutoPIPE does not automatically start and open the file. What can be done to change the file association?

Answer:  See the following hyperlink for procedure on How To Change the Default Program for a Specific File Extension in Windows 7.

Note: In general, this is not the proper method for starting a model in AutoPIPE, especially if there are more than one version of the program installed on the computer. Recommend using the typical method of opening a model from within the application (i.e. Start AutoPIPE, then select File> Open>, Import>, or Model Management). 

Item #2: Why are the results from AutoPIPE different than other programs ?

Item #3: How to turn off Windows default Beep sound when using Pan and Zoom commands?

Item #4: How much does it cost to upgrade to the next version of AutoPIPE, AutoPIPE Vessel, AutoPIPE Nozzle, PULS, or PlantFLOW?

Item #5: What is the maximum number of Segments that can be entered into a single model?

Item #6: How will strong password protection policy affect using AutoPIPE?

Item #7: Suppress showing "Project Chooser" dialog from appearing when opening a model

Item #8: Features available when using an AutoPIPE Standard, Advanced, or Nuclear edition

Item #9: Used for large or small displacements

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