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Comments, Questions, and Answers on graphic issues in AutoPIPE:

1. See thru AutoPIPE to Desktop or blank screen

2. Color Plot related issues

3. Points disappear when viewing Imposed displacement & valve / flange

4. 2 flanges are shown as a single flange

5. Graphics take a very long time to refresh, slow, sluggish

6. Select 2nd support at same node point

7. Text  missing from the top of the application screen

8. Display a displacement magnitude on plot output

9. North Arrow in model

10. Model Screen graphics appear as a series of dots in Model View

11. Test your graphics card

12. Input grids indicate items in model, but screen is blank

13. Change the scale size of the components

14. Anchor graphic partially rotated

15. Dialogs do not appear correctly when opened in AutoPIPE CONNECT v.

16. Components in Single-Line, Wire Frame, and Solid Model view

17. Dialog fonts appear smaller or blurry

18. All words are missing from ribbon graphics

19. Stress color plot shows beams as dark black

20. Single line mode, components do not appear to be connected

21. Dialog text not aligned correctly 

22. Nvidia graphic cards settings

23. Tee arrows do not appear

24. Distorted graphics on Dell Alienware computers

25. Hot / Quick keys no longer function

26. Which direction is Local X, Y, or Z axes direction

27. Force AutoPIPE to use a specific graphics card

28. Code stress color map does not blend (dither) from one stress color to another

29.The ribbon for each menu hides I clicked on some icons.How to get back this ribbon tabs on the screen?

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