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Comments, Questions, and Answers About Loads and Load Sets in AutoPIPE

  1. Animate load cases

  2. AutoPIPE Menu - Load>

    1. Load Case Descriptions

    2. Static Analysis Sets...

    3. Dynamic Analysis

    4. Load Factors

    5. Hydrotest

    6. Static Earthquake... 

    7. Wind

    8. Snow

    9. Thermal Bowing

    10. Seismic Thermal Load

    11. Response / Force Spectrum

    12. C411 Spectrum

    13. Envelope Spectrum

    14. Harmonic

    15. Time History Profile

    16. Time History Location
    17. Convert to Force Spectrum

    18. Convert to Response Spectrum

    19. Buoyancy

    20. Wave

    21. Fluid Transient

    22. Steam Relief 

    23. Thermal Transient Analysis (TTA)
  3. Load cases not listed above:

    1. Gravity

    2. Pressure

    3. Temperature

    4. SAM (Seismic Anchor Movement)

    5. Fatigue

    6. Xtra Data
    7. Occasional 
    8. Distributed Load
  4. Results From Loads and Load Sets Not Answered By Piping Code Calculations

  5. Code / Non-code Combination / Allowable

  6. Non-linear Load Sequencing

  7. How to determine fatigue from pressure cycles?

    Answer: Apologize for the inconvenience, this feature is not currently in AutoPIPE. This enhancement has been logged under (CAE-CR-3268). However, only AutoPIPE Vessel has ability to determine fatigue from pressure cycling at this time.

  8. Soil Properties FAQ

General Questions about Load Cases:

Q1. How to delete load cases from the model input grids?


A load case cannot be deleted from the Input grids by using Static Analysis Set dialog.

Load Cases are added to the model based on settings within specific dialog screens. The same load cases are removed from the model by making changes on the same dialog screens.


1. A Wind load case W3 is deleted from the model using the Wind dialog screen, selecting the Load case W3 and pressing the Delete button. 

Load case W3 is added and removed from a Static Analysis set by enabling / disabling the check box next to the load case on the Static analysis Load set dialog screen, shown below:

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