Clean Installation - STAAD.Pro

Product: STAAD.Pro
Version: All
Environment: All
Area: Installation

Before doing these steps, ensure that none of your models are saved in the program folder.

Select Control Panel from the Windows Start menu, and open either Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP) or Programs and Features (Windows Vista/7). Uninstall all listings for STAAD.Pro, starting with the most recent. Do the same for 5.3 or earlier. Leave STAAD Foundation Advanced if present.

Then, remove any of the following folders (if they exist):

Additionally remove any STAAD folders in the following locations (if they exist). The folder path may vary depending on the Windows version:

Finally, reinstall STAAD.Pro (which in later versions also includes STAAD Foundation/STAAD Foundation Advanced ).

Important: When reinstalling STAAD.Pro on a computer running Windows Vista or later, please right-click on the installer, and select Run As Administrator from the contextual menu. This will ensure that all components are installed properly. Failing to perform this step results in missing Start menu shortcuts.