Option to choose in Service Request Manager depending on whether the account is a Managed Services A

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 Original Author:Payel Sasmal, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

When I am creating a service request, STAAD,Pro and any other structural products do not appear in the drop-down list. Instead, the drop-down lists "Bentley i-Model Composition Server" and 5 other ProjectWise products. 


Most likely yours is a MANAGED Services (E365) account. Here are the steps to create a Service Request.

  1. Log in to the Connect Portal (Bentley Cloud Services). Scroll down and you will find My Services. Click on New Service Request as shown here.

       2. Select Technical Support or Licensing Support as needed.

    3. Since yours is a E365 account, you will get the following window. Direct Technical Support Phone numbers are provided here.

   4. Once you click on ok, it brings the following window.

   5. If your company is using any of the software that runs on Bentley Server, like ProjectWise, AssetWise, yours is a MANAGED Services account. You will get the choice of selection if you are reporting issue on the MANAGED Services product or on other software.

You must select ‘No’ if the product you are creating service request for is not running on Bentley’s server. Once you select it, you will find the list of software as below.

   6. If you select ‘Yes’; it will list the software available under MANAGED Services as seen next and you can choose the appropriate product and log the service request.

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