02g. "Wind" - AutoPIPE Load Case

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Item #1: Comment 

The Load> Wind command enables the user to define static wind load cases (W1 - W10) by generating wind pressure:

Vs. Profile piping height profiles

Per ASCE 7 1998, 2002, 2010, or 2016 code

Per Uniform Building Code (UBC) requirements.

After specifying a new wind load case, select the first cell in the left column to highlight the row and press the Modify button to see more settings for the specified Wind Load Type as indicated below:

The wind force is applied as uniform loads in the local coordinate system of the straight pipe or bend element. The equivalent wind force is assumed to act through the centroid of the element.

Wind loads will only be applied to piping if both conditions are meet:

1. segments that have "Applied Wind" checked on. I

2. Wind load case must be enabled inside of an analysis set:

Segment Tab on the input grids:

Load> Static Analysis Sets> modify analysis set:

Item #2: Comment

AutoPIPE and higher: Wind loads defined in the model can be applied to structural members.

AutoPIPE 11.01.xx and lower: Beam members are not subjected to wind loads, enhancement has been logged, (135281).

Item #3: Comment

In order to exclude piping inside a building from wind loads, the piping inside should be entered as a separate segment(s) from the piping outside the building. 

Segment Tab on the input grids:

With the model Input grid opened, select the Segment tab, see column labeled "Apply Wind". Segments with Applied Wind  enabled are considered outside, while segments with Apply disabled are considered inside.

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Item #17:

The following only affects AutoPIPE V8i and will be fixed in the next new version 09.06.01.xx and higher:

The Ground Elevation for Wind is always entered in Feet, regardless of the model units file specified on Tools> Model Options> General dialog . This can be confirmed with the Loads Summary Data Listing report using any metric units file (CAE-TR-11097).

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