Customization of column reinforcement after auto design

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 Product(s):STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Concrete Design
 Subarea: Column & Shear Wall
 Original Author:Shreyanka Bhattacharjee
Bentley Technical Support Group

Lateral ties diameter, spacing & no. of columns main bars are correlated by formula given in IS: 13920 for rectangular and circular column. Can any single parameter be provided to calculate remaining two parameters in RCDC, once the initial design is complete?

Yes. After initial design is completed, user can change the numbers and diameter of main reinforcement in redesign option. Diameter and spacing of links can be changed. For any parameter changed in redesign process, RCDC would design/ check the column with all relevant clauses. For more information refer “Edit Local Column Design” from help Content.