Q. Re-associate AutoPIPE's *.DAT file extension to execute the program when double selected

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Version(s):2004, XM, & V8i
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After installing a newer version of AutoPIPE on a machine, I am unable to update the file association so that the newer version opens the files when double-click a *.DAT file from a folder location. I tried setting the Windows 7 file association as instructed by Microsoft, but that does not fix the issue. How to resolve?


AutoPIPE, by default, does not set a registry value for associating the DAT file with AutoPIPE. It is recommended that the application should not be started by double clicking a file from windows explorer because AutoPIPE uses a *.DAT file and that extension is not a  unique extension. There are many other programs that have with this files with this extension. The application should be properly started and the files opened using the File > open command, or Open Icon button. If there is something wrong with the file association, please contact your IT department for their instructions to fix the situation. 

The following are two sets of instructions to fix file association issues, to be used at your discretion:

Option #1

1. Install a very small application called TYPES; a 200 KB (.net based application)


Types allows you to customize the way Windows handles different file types: set program associations, change icons, context menus and other properties 

2.  Press the Download hyper link on the web page.

3. Select the option to "Run" the application. Depending on your internet settings the following may appear:

Again, select RUN. You may need to get your IT department involved if permission to install becomes and issue.

4. The following screen will now appear, recommend to select Control Panel only

5. After pressing "Install" button, this will install a small application in the control panel name: "Types". Press the close button on the dialog.

6. Go to the Control Panel, search for an app called "Types", and open it. the following will be displayed.

7. Search for DAT in the listing as shown above.

8. Double click on it.

a. Class tab: select Application\AutoPIPE;

b. Action Tab:select OPEN in the field provided and confirm autopipe.exe location. If not correct, select correct location from drop down list.

Images  are shown below: (close the dialog by pressing X in the upper right corner).

9. Close TYPES application and confirm the application can be started by double selecting the DAT file from a folder location.

Option #2:

1. Search the Web for making file association in your version of Windows:

a. Using Windows "Regedit"

b. Using Control Panel > Program default > Associate a file type or Protoccol with a program.

c. Using File> Explorer

d. etc... 

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