Introducing the RAM SBeam (7.0) Virtuoso Subscription

There are important changes coming to the RAM SBeam software and the associated commercial terms. In June 2021 a new version of RAM SBeam, version 7, will be released and will have a wealth of new features that are documented in the release notes. Whereas RAM SBeam version 6 was licensed through a Bentley Optioneering Visa (also known as Analytical Cloud Visa), version 7 will be licensed only as a Virtuoso Subscription. This is a prepaid, named-user annual subscription that can be reassigned every 30 days. The RAM SBeam Virtuoso Subscription can be purchased at virtuosity.comĀ and will allow access to version 7 immediately. The Optioneering Visa will not provide access to RAM SBeam V7 and subsequent RAM SBeam releases. We encourage everyone to move to RAM SBeam V7 as soon as possible.

If you presently own the Optioneering Visa, at your next SELECT renewal your Optioneering Visas will be converted to RAM SBeam Virtuoso Subscriptions in equal quantity. If you would like to discuss these options prior to your renewal date, please contact your Bentley sales representative. For E365 accounts, RAM SBeam will be available as a standalone product at a daily rate.

For more information, please contact or