Ram Elements - Modeling [FAQ]

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 Product(s):RAM Elements
 Version(s):13.0 or later
 Area: Modeling; User interface

Is there a way to add a node or connect two members that are crossing each other?

Select the two crossing or nearly crossing members. Then use Process - Segment selection to introduce a node at the intersection point.  Be sure to check the box that indicates, "Add intermediate nodes at memebr intersections"

There is a tolerance for this that you can control.

There is a similar option in the automatic meshing under Process - Analysis - Finite Element Model tab.

In cases where you have crossing members that should slip past each other, this option should be turned off.

How can I move all or part of my model?

In Ram Elements the position of all members and shells are derived from the node coordinates. To move a structure, you simply need to move the nodes. Tools are provided to make it easy to add, subtract or even multiply the nodal coordinates by a constant as shown in the video below:


How can I purge duplicate nodes?

If the model contains 2 or more coincident nodes that are associated with different members or shells you will get an error during analysis, "Nodes "##" and "##" or are equal"

To purge and simplify the nodes:

  1. Select the problem nodes (or the whole model).
  2. Click Process - Purge and reconnect model
  3. Then re-select only the nodes and click delete (nodes connected to members are not deleted).

Note, load areas may need to be redefined after some nodes are removed.

How can I renumber the nodes or members?

First select the elements to renumber (or everything), then right click in the Members spreadsheet and choose Sort - "Reassign Numbers to Selected Elements". A dialog will pop up with the initial number to use. The program will not duplicate numbers so it is safe to renumber from 1, or pick some other logical number. The same can be done from the Nodes, Shells, Areas or Connections spreadsheets too. 

When trying to analyse I am getting error related to a node or member which is not in the spreadsheet. How to fix?

You can check the same from Spreadsheet > Elements > members > Select all members or Select All (Ctrl+A)

In the spreadsheet locate member number and select it. Then press delete to delete the same. Now if you run the model, you should not see any error related to that member number.

Furthermore, if you want to locate a node or finite element that results from meshing you must first select View - Finite Elements (or from the right click menu) before the meshed nodes, members and shells appear in the spreadsheet. 

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