W2164-125:B31 App J: Crotch radius is less than or equal to zero for the tee(s)… warning message occ

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April 2020


The following is displayed when using AutoPIPE

* * * W A R N I N G - MODEL * * *

    W2164-125: B31 App J: Crotch radius is less than or equal to zero for the tee(s):                                                                                                                                         

Why and How to avoid it?


This warning refers to a values required by ASME B31J to perform the analysis. 

If this value remains blank or below the threshold required, then the message will continue to appear. This value is not controlled by any standard and can vary between manufactures of this component. 


Open the tee dialog, select the type of tee from the drop down selection, and update any values as necessary. Or, open Tee input grids and fill in any blank / under threshold values as needed. 


Values such as crotch thickness contribute to the SIF's reduction.  If you don't have these value, one course of action would be to assume the worst case scenario .  This ought to produce a SIF that is more conservative.

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