RAM SBeam is a powerful and versatile program for the design of steel beams. Using one of several design codes, RAM SBeam can select the optimum beam size or check the adequacy of existing construction. The program provides rapid evaluation and comparison between various beams under various load conditions. RAM SBeam has a user interface unparalleled for simplicity and ease of use, while providing a very powerful design capability. This results in substantial time savings for the Engineer and a more economical design for the client

Features of RAM SBeam include:


Enhancements in RAM SBeam CONNECT Edition V7.0

The Release Notes can be found here.

Enhancements in RAM SBeam CONNECT Edition V6.0

Enhancements in RAM SBeam V5.0

RAM SBeam and the RAM Structural System

RAM SBeam was extracted from and contains a subset of the design capabilities of the RAM Steel Beam design module of the [[RAM Structural System]].
The RAM Structural System provides tremendous value to the engineer in increased productivity, automating and integrating many tasks that must otherwise be performed manually by the engineer when using stand-alone programs such as RAM SBeam.
The RAM Structural System contains a model of the entire structure, not just individual beams. It automatically computes tributary loads to all members (beams, columns, walls, etc.); reduces the Live Load in accordance with applicable building codes; designs all beams, columns, baseplates and footings from the roof to the base; and performs wind and seismic analysis. Comprehensive calculations, CAD drawings and material take-off quantities can be obtained from the design of the entire structure. The entire structural database is managed by the RAM Structural System. For more information on the RAM Structural System, see the RAM Structural System website or contact Bentley Systems, Inc.