03. Component Data Listing (Model Input Listing) FAQ in AutoPIPE

Comments, Questions, and Answers on Component Data (Model Input) Listing in AutoPIPE output reports:

See the following hyperlink for issues on the respective Component Data listing (aka Model Input Listing) report:Command: Tools> Model Input listing.

Extended Component (Point in v6.1)
Extended Components Report or Component Data Listing Report 
Soil Properties
Coordinates (Component in v6.1)Load Summary
Pipe PropertiesSupport 
Material PropertiesBend
Material AllowablesTee 
Temperature & PressureValve
Forces & DisplacementsUser SIF
Thermal Anchor MovementsReducer
Seismic Anchor MovementsRigid Pipe
Earthquake Scale FactorsReference Points
Design Temp and PressGross Discontinuity Stress
Center of GravitySegment Data
Load Case Description Model Description

Note, this report has been removed from AutoPIPE 12.05 - 12.06. However this report has been added back into AutoPIPE and higher. This version of the program and higher added the ability to generate an Extended Components Report (.RPT) as a Quick Report only and display it in the Text Report Viewer. One may then save, open, import, etc.. the RPT file like any other text file. This report is provided as is and will not have any further development.

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