After importing ACCDB in RCDC, Few shear Walls which are originally part of Combined walls, are not

Below is the actual Geometry of Combined wall layout at the bottom most level - as per the Analysis Model 
There are multiple levels at which the Geometry i.e. the Shape and arms of the Combined wall is changing.
The Combined wall is getting split into multiple standalone wall.
Ex. Refer to pier label P9 at 1 level above the Bottom most level.
This wall which was a part of the combined wall is now a single shear wall from this Level and above. 
At this point, we need to assign a separate pier label for this wall say 
P9-New1. Further, maintain this pier label till this wall remains as a single wall only and is not splitting. The moment this single wall gets split into 2 walls, provide a separate pier label for the 2nd arm of the split wall.
As per the current RCDC logic, the situation when the Combined wall arms become individual or Stand alone walls is not handled.
So, whenever any arm of the Combined wall is getting Split and further becoming a Single Shear Wall, we have to assign it a Separate Pier label. 
The Pier label should be separate from the level where it has got split. 
If we don't assign Separate Pier label then the arm of Combined wall which has split will not get identified in RCDC