Mat Foundation

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 Product(s):STAAD.Foundation Advanced
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Mat Foundation
 Subarea: N/A
 Original Author:Sye Chakraborty
Bentley Technical Support Group

This page contain FAQs related to the Mat Foundation module.

  1. Assigning Different Thickness at Different Locations in Mat
  2. Circular Line Loads
  3. Combining Loads Created in SFA with Loads Imported from STAAD.Pro
  4. Density of Concrete
  5. SFA Saving Results
  6. Error : No Pile or Soil Support Defined
  7. Excessively High Displacements
  8. Modifying a Mesh Region
  9. Punching Shear Check
  10. Viewing Warnings & Errors
  11. Magnitude of the Base Pressure at Various Nodes
  12. Mat Analyzed in STAAD.Pro and Designed in SFA
  13. Modeling Footings Connected by Grade Beams
  14. Moment Envelope not Generated
  15. Sliding and Overturning Check
  16. Moments Reporting not Matching
  17. What are Analysis Thickness and Design Thickness in SFA ?
  18. [[Obtaining bearing pressure plots and stress plots for mat foundation in SFA]]
  19. [[For a mat, how to find the most critical service load case for the soil bearing and obtain a bearing pressure plot for that case ?]]
  20. [[Does SFA account for the moments due to horizontal shears in foundation design ?]]
  21. [[How can I graphically identify the node at which the displacement is maximum in a mat ?]]
  22. [[The self weight of my mat is not getting multiplied by the 1.4 factor]]
  23. [[Warning regarding non-empty load cases when analyzing a mat foundation job]]
  24. [[If I build a mat foundation in using plate elements, can I directly import those plates into STAAD Foundation Advanced?]]