W726-12: Following Segment(s) not connected to other segments and has no anchors, Warning message i

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Version(s):2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT;
Environment: N/A
Area: Warning
Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group
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& Current Version
May. 2016


The following message appears when running a model consistency check in AutoPIPe:

W726-12:  Following Segment(s) not connected to other segments and has no anchors, Warning message in AutoPIPE


How to avoid?


With the model open in AutoPIPE choose Select> Connected segments:

This dialog will list all the segments into groups. Each of these groups are not connected to one another; essential disconnected segment groups.

This is OK modeling providing that each group:

1. Has at least one anchor or series of supports to restrain the pipe from excessive movement or rotation.


2. Is connected by Beam member to another group that is anchored or is sufficiently restrained.

If one or both of these are not met, then the model cannot be analyzed because the program will return the following:

E801-1: FATAL ERROR : Unstable system. Need support at node xxxx Dir X


1. Assuming that the piping should be all one group of connected segments and this message appears. In order to find the disconnect use one or more of the following:

a. Tools> Coincident Node Checker, this option may need to be turned on by Tools> Model Options>  Coincident Node Tolerance (0- no check), suggest setting to small value, ex. 1.0 or 0.1. Now run "Coincident Node Checker" command and review any reported issues. If none are found, consider modifying the tolerance to a larger value, or assume that the model does not have any node points that should otherwise be connected. 

b. From the "Select Connected Segment" dialog, the name of segments are listed, review Groups 2 and highlight segments in the model to narrow in on where the disconnect is located.

c. If possible animate the load cases and look for strange pipe movement that would indicate piping not connected. 

2. Once the disconnect has been located, use one or more of the following options:

i. Insert an anchor

ii. Connect one group to another using Connected anchor

iii. Correctly connect Piping components (ex. review Correct a incorrectly modeled Tee / pipe)

iv. Insert Beam components as needed. 

v. Insert more supports to sufficiently restrain the pipe in all 6 global axis directions  

Note: Whenever Beam elements connect one or more groups, this warning message will consistently appear. However, you can simply ignore it.

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