AutoPIPE Report Viewer has stopped working

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The following message is displayed:

AutoPIPE Report Viewer has stopped working.

A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please Close the program

How can I view the results?

What should I do ?


Q1. How can I view the results?


AutoPIPE's results/reports are saved to various files (*.SQO, *.OUT, *.HGR, *.RPT, *.MSG, etc..) that are all located in the same folder as the model (*.DAT).

APIPVIEWER is only an simple text viewing application used to automatically display reports/results after a command used to create these files is initiated. All of these reports/results can be opened using any text editor (i.e. NotePad, MS Word, Ultra Edit, etc..). Navigate to the folder and open the files using a text editor.

Q2. What should I do ?


Close the program.

1. First try to open APIPVIEW in administrator mode. By navigating to the folder where the program was installed. Locate "apipview.exe" program file in the folder, right click on the file, select "Run as administrator"

Does the report viewer open up?

If the answer is Yes it does display, then you do not have the correct permissions on the computer. Ask that you be give admin privileges to run AutoPIPE or always run the application in Admin mode. Done, issue has been resolved.

If the answer is NO, continue to step #2.

2. Next, delete following files from AutoPIPE installed directory (default: C:\Bentley\AutoPIPE V8i SELECTseries ):

3. Try step #1 again to open/run APIPVIEW.EXE program.

Does the application start this time:

If the answer is Yes, it does display, then you should be all set to continue using AutoPIPE with no additional changes. The files deleted above will have been recreated. Recap, apparently there was a problem with the original files that was fixed by recreating them. Done, issue has been resolved.

If the answer is NO, continue to step #4.

4. If not then submit a Service request asking for a updated APIPVIEW file. (current version:

After receiving the file, close the program, replace the original with the updated file sent, start AutoPIPE, and try to use the report viewer again. Perform the steps above as needed. 


What version of AutoPIPE are you using and where is it installed to?

Because of Windows Vista and Windows 7 User Account Control (UAC) settings AutoPIPE V8i 09.03.xx.xx to 09.06.01.xx had to be installed outside of Program Files (x86) folder. If the program was installed in this folder, it will cause many problems in running AutoPIPE. Windows Vista and 7 UAC doesn't allow writing to files in Program Files folder - and several *.ini and setting updates will fail.

If it was found that AutoPIPE V8i 09.03.xx.xx to 09.06.01.xx was installed to the Program Files (x86) folder, recommended the following action:

A new enhancement has been added to AutoPIPE V8i 09.07.xx.xx and higher (release date Q3 2015) will support installation in Program Files - by moving all editable settings to user's profile.

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