Value of Basic Wind Speed generated as per the ASCE code cannot be edited using the GUI

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 Found in Version:
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 Area: Graphic User Interface
 Issue #:758059

Problem Description

When carrying out wind load generation as per the ASCE code, it is not possible to modify the value of the basic wind speed through the graphic user interface. When the value is modified and one clicks on the Apply button, the basic wind speed seems to go back to the default value of 108 mph as shown next



Steps to Reproduce

The basic wind speed is modified from the default value (108 mph) to some other value (115mph)


The Apply button is clicked and the value of Basic Wind Speed reverts back to the default of 108 mph


The problem is related to a glitch associated with the graphic user interface. After modifying the value of the Basic Wind Speed using the dialog box above, one needs to click on Apply first. The value at that point would change back to 108 mph and one needs to ignore that and press OK. Subsequently in the dialog box as shown next, one needs to click on the Modify button and then click on Close.

Thereafter if one opens up the command editor, the modified value of the basic wind speed would show up there as shown in the pictures below

Before the edit:

After the Edit 

The software calculates the wind load correctly based on the modified value of the Basic Wind Speed.


The problem will be addressed in a future release of the STAAD.Pro Connect Edition ver 22.12.xx.xx.