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The Result > Flange > Flange Check command will display the Flange Analysis dialog, enabling the user to apply several different flange analysis methods on every flange in the model. Standard flange data can be recalled from dimension and material libraries. For nonstandard (user-defined or NS) flange dimensions and material allowable stresses can be provided by the user.

The Flange Analysis dialog can be used to analyze any flange in the model based on one of the following four analysis method options:

1. ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Mandatory Appendix 2, Rules for Bolted Flange Connections with Ring Type Gaskets

2. ASME Section VIII, Division 2, Section 4.16, Design Rules for Flanged Joints

3. ASME Section III, Appendix XI, Rules for Bolted Flange Connections for Class 2 and 3 Components and Class MC Vessels

4. EN 1591Flanges and their joints — Design rules for gasketed circular flange connections

4. ANSI Flange Loading Check


1. See Flange Analysis Troubleshooting tips and tricks

2. See the following link for Flange Analysis Enhancements

3.  For details on calculations performed, see AutoPIPE help section:

Help ribbon> Contents button> Contents Tab> Reference Information> Analysis Considerations> Flange Check

Comments, Questions, and Answers

  1. "Flange Analysis" sub-report in AutoPIPE
  2. Perform an ANSI Check Flange Analysis
  3. Flange calculations only considers -ve axial force, otherwise all other force values are 0.00
  4. Performing an ANSI flange analysis; a specific flange always Fails to be analyze, why?
  5. When Int. press ratio >1.0, does this mean that the Flange failed
  6. Perform an ASME Section VIII Div 1 / 2 or Appendix XI Flange Analysis
  7. Operating Pressure field is limited to 3000 psi
  8. Determine expected leakage rates 
  9. Load case combinations available to the Flange Analysis
  10. Library flange data does not seem to be correct
  11. No options are shown on the Flange / bolt Dimensions dropdown listing
  12. "Zero loads and moments": connection failed
  13. Add user defined Flange Pressure data
  14. Gasket Effective width does not match the ASME code value Flange Analysis module, why?
  15. Max Ratio = 0.00 and Notes = Fail
  16. "Consider Bolt Spacing Correction" option
  17. Calculate the Effective Dia
  18. Define Gasket thickness
  19. Flange calculation based on Gasket Seating note
  20. Modeling flanges as one point does it affect the flange leakage calculation?
  21. Values on the Flange Analysis Load tab, Axial force and Bending moments, are not reported or considered in the calculations

Warning messages:

  1. The Bolt spacing correction factor is greater than 1 because..
  2. The Gasket Material [SPIRAL-WOUND ALLOY WITH MINERAL FIBER FILL] is not available in the GasketMaterials Table.
  3. The required information is missing for this Flange analysis 

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