.OPIM Stress Isometric Troubleshooting Guide using AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.01.xx and higher

The following issues are related to using OPIM (Open Plant Isometric Manager) from with AutoPIPE V8i 09.06.xx.xx and higher:

Item #0: Introduction to Stress ISOmetric to OpenPlant Isometrics Manager (OPIM)

a. OPIM Drawing

b. L00 out Map File in AutoPIPE

c. Quick Reference for OPIM Productivity Tools from AutoPIPE

d. Settings/Attributes in OPIM application

e. AutoPIPE Stress Isometrics Export Limitations from OPIM

Item #1: Table Issues

Item #2: Customization

Item #3: Troubleshooting: Dimension Issues

Item #4:  Troubleshooting: Drawn Components

Item #5: Reasons why stress Isometric was blank or not created

Item #6: Install OPIM without internet access

Item #7: Break Points not saved in model

Item #8: Associate a program to open DGN or DWG file

Item #9: Modify drawing border for use in AutoPIPE 9.6 and Higher

Item #10: Stress Isometric settings

Item #11: How to fix when some pipe element is extracted in the summary sheet in Rev -section in Stress Isometric?

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