"Connection with the Licensing Server has been lost." ,,, message was displayed while using AutoPIPE

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Oct. 2021


The following was displayed while using AutoPIPE:

Connection with the Licensing Server has been lost.

Continued use of this product my cause product usage in

excess of the limits set by your administrator. 

It is recommended that you save the model and restart the program to obtain a new license.

Why is this appearing?

How to avoid it?


Every 10 min or so AutoPIPE will ping Connection Client / BLT to check for a license and entitlements. When Connection Client sends back a Code 3 statement, AutoPIPE reads this as a "case 3:// Product should shut down" command, and displays the above message. The message informs the user that the internet connection between the host computer and Bentley's Server has been lost. This could be due to various reasons such as internal computer malfunction, power outage, IT operations, updated security settings, issues with Bentley Servers, a mouse chewed through cables, etc.. 

Typical process for Licensing AutoPIPE, when AutoPIPE is started, it will automatically check if a license has been checked out to the computer. In case no license is detected, the software will then authenticate the user is signed in through CONNECTION Client and subsequently verify the entitlements through BLT (Bentley Licensing Tool) to ascertain the user's eligibility to access a license for AutoPIPE.

BLT effectively monitors and records all licenses utilized by a company, ensuring a thorough comparison with their contractual agreement. As long as the total number of licenses used by a company and its employees remains within the agreed upon count, no supplementary fees will be incurred. Nevertheless, if the count surpasses the predetermined limit, an invoice will be issued at the conclusion of the term to cover the excess usage.

Again, the responsibility for entitlements and the total number of licenses used by a company at any given time rests with BLT and CONNETION Client. In the event of a communication loss between the user's computer and Bentley Servers, AutoPIPE will continue to function and account for usage by all individuals. Once communication is restored, BLT / Connection Client will transmit and synchronize any usage that took place during the blackout period.

The displayed message above acts as a warning to the user, alerting them to the fact that during the blackout period, there is a chance that additional individuals may begin utilizing another license of AutoPIPE, resulting in an excessive usage of licenses beyond what is stated in a contract. As a consequence, this would lead to issuance of an invoice. Moreover, any license alerts set up on the account would not be functional during the blackout period. Therefore, the message emphasizes the urgency of restoring communication between the user's computer and Bentley Server as quickly as possible.

The sole solution to address this issue is to diligently trace and rectify any communication obstacles (application settings, physical equipment, cable connections, etc..) preventing communication between the host computer and Bentley Servers.

Note, check WIKI here to see if there is any kind of outage on Bentley's end that might explain a possible disconnect.

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