05: Reasons why OPIM stress Isometric does not create a drawing file or drawing is blank from an Aut

First confirm OPIM application has been installed - click here

Instructions: one or more of the following reasons may be responsible for OPIM not generating a drawing properly. Apply each reason one at a time, each time building upon the work of the previous reason until the end where all reasons are being applied at once. 

Reason #0: Using the correct version of OPIM with particular version of AutoPIPE

Reason #1: Test using an AutoPIPE example model

Reason #2: Model's filename length is too long / contains ASCII characters

Reason #3: Possible different filename and/or location

Reason #4Program launching a 2nd executable

Reason #5: User Security features need to be enabled 

Reason #6: Alert dialog.. not in recognized file format

Reason #7: Iso extractor path name is missing

Reason #8: No piping visible in the applications window

Reason #9: Must be using AutoPIPE Advance or AutoPIPE Nuclear license

Reason #10: Network traffic or non asci character file path

Reason #11: Incomplete components

Reason #12: Overlapping pipe

Reason #13: Carriage return in Line Number

Reason #14: Registry access was disabled for standard users

Reason #15: User SIF entered at Bend Midpoints

Reason #16: Not finished processing

Reason #17: User Profile

Reason #18: Virus protection

Reason #19: Unknown reason

If the above does not resolve the issue, suggest to file a Bentley Case and attach the following information:

a. Files:

i. AutoPIPE APC file

ii.  AutoPIPE *.isl

ii. AutoPIPE *.APISO

iv. zip file of the following folder:

                C:\ProgramData\Bentley\AutoPIPE CONNECT [version]\isoextractor

b. Screen shots of Stress Isometric settings used (this includes a screen shot of each tab on the stress iso dialog), and errors that appear 

c. Confirm numbered version of OPIM installed, use BLT, select Product Status tab, take screen shot showing OPIM version and AutoPIPE version 

d. Exact steps repeat or screen recording

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