RAM Concept License Consolidation

Effective April 1, 2023, significant changes will be made to the way RAM Concept is licensed. The below Q&A provides an overview of these changes. 


What is changing? 

RAM Concept is currently offered in two product license tiers:   

Effective April 1, 2023, the RAM Concept licenses will be consolidated into a single RAM Concept product license/subscription, and the existing RAM Concept Post Tension Module license/subscription will be retired. This license consolidation affects all of the following: 


Who is affected by this change? 

This change affects accounts owning perpetual licenses under a SELECT subscription or Virtuoso subscriptions of RAM Concept. The change does NOT affect accounts that access RAM Concept through the Structural WorkSuite license, including enterprise accounts (E365/EPS 365 or ELS subscriptions). 


How does this change affect existing contracts and license entitlements? 

Existing contract quantities of the base RAM Concept license will be automatically converted to the new, consolidated RAM Concept license. There is no upgrade fee for this license conversion. Following the change, RAM Concept users will be entitled to all RAM Concept product features, including the post-tensioning features, even if they did not previously own RAM Concept Post Tension. 

The image below illustrates how this product change affects license entitlements: 


At contract renewal, existing accounts will be subject to a SELECT or Virtuoso subscription increase or decrease depending on the quantity of base RAM Concept and RAM Concept Post Tension licenses that they own. In general: 


Why is this change being made? 

This consolidation is part of a Bentley initiative to simplify our product portfolio and improve the buying and user experience for our products. The new annual SELECT and Virtuoso subscription prices are better aligned with the subscription prices of the other structural analysis products in Bentley’s portfolio. 


What is the value of this change for RAM Concept users? 

After the consolidation, RAM Concept users will be able to: 


Does this change affect configuration of RAM Concept license usage alerts?  

Bentley’s Subscription Entitlement Service (SES) provides a license alerting feature that can warn users before they exceed an Administrator-defined license utilization threshold.  

This change does NOT require changes to previously defined RAM Concept license usage thresholds.