- Download Bentley AutoPIPE Products from Software Download


1. All Bentley applications are available for download using the Software Download website.

2: If you are part of the QA&R program, any installation from a downloaded file for AutoPIPE or ATS is strictly forbidden and does not constitute a valid installation or verification. All QA&R user must install the applications from the CDs received from Bentley systems QA&R manager, click here for details. Other applications that are not part of the QA program (ex. OpenPLANT Isometric Manager, Dashboard, Navigator, etc..) can be downloaded and installed as needed.

3. Can I download AutoPIPE's full ATS program? see WIKI here

4. Does an error appear, if yes, check the Cloud service Status here, if software downloads is green, please clear your browser cache or try a different browser.

Step #1: Access Software Download using 2 different methods

1. Bentley CONNECTION Client


2. Bentley CONNECTION Center


i. Cannot access this website, what should I do now?

ii. Does an error appear, if yes, please clear your browser cache or try a different browser.

Step #2: After Software Download is opened, filter from all available software to AutoPIPE products only

Select the following settings:

a. Product Line =  Pipe Stresses and Vessel Analysis

b. Brand = AutoPIPE or AutoPIPE Vessel

c. Press Apply button 

Step #3: Choose a tile (AutoPIPE)

AutoPIPE is available in 3 different versions (i.e. Standard, Advances, Nuclear) and 1 add-on (KHK2 Add-on). These versions and add-on are controlled by the licensing inside of the application. Therefore, only need to download one edition of the software, always select the first tile labeled AutoPIPE. Again, all the feature are installed, the license selection from with in the application controls the feature availability with in the application.

Again, this goes for AutoPIPE Vessel as well, all features are installed and the License controls what features are available 

Step #4: Filter, Dependencies, Read-me file, and Download

Note: Current version = AutoPIPE (release notes and readme files)

Select the following settings:

A. Filter - Suggest to press the Clear button on the far right, and then press Apply button to see all of the versions available.
Next, make changes to the drop-down filters as needed to be applied to the list of available software

Question: The version I need is not listed here, What are my options?

B. Dependencies - pressing the carrot at the start of a line will display a list of dependencies available for that software. These are separate downloads and separate installation procedures that are performed after installing AutoPIPE.

Question: Do I need to download these dependencies?

C. Details and Readme - pressing the "i" balloon will open a dialog that indicates additional details. These details contain a link to the respective Readme file on Bentley Communities

D. Download button - press the download button to download the respective line item. Be sure to press Download button for each line item to be downloaded. 

Question: Pressing Download button, nothing appears to be happening, what is happening? or What should I do?.

E. At this time, AutoPIPE is only available as a 32 bit application. The development team is updating the application to a 64 bit version. 

Step #5: Download AutoPIPE Software

After pressing the Download button, depending on your browser, there may or may not be any indication of the application name (Setup_AutoPIPEx64_23.00.01.367.exe) being downloaded and percentage of download completed.

Question: Pressing Download button, the setup file downloaded is in .zip format and when I try to extract the files from this zip file nothing happens .The file seems to be broken. What should I do to get the executable file (.exe) for the software to install?

Note: again, the file name indicated above may-not be the same, this name will mirror the version selected for download.

Step #6: Installing

After the download has been completed, See the appropriate link below for installation instructions. Again, remember to install all programs downloaded, they are separate installations. 

AutoPIPE Yearly



AutoPIPE V8i

AutoPIPE 2004

AutoPIPE Vessel

Bentley PlantFLOW

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