Loads and Load Combinations

01. Adding a Snow Load

02. Design vs Design Check in AutoPIPE Vessel?

03. How to combine the Wind loads and Seismic loads in an AutoPIPE Vessel combination / analysis?

04. How to Define Multiple Load Combinations in AutoPIPE Vessel

05. What value for overpressure need to be entered for blast load condition in AutoPIPE Vessel?

06. Is External pressure is the only way to deal with External loads? If I have external applied by pipe or other structural element at specific point on vessel, How we can take care of it?

07. Currently only Only PD 5500:2015 G2 is available, How to change the Design method / Local Loads in AutoPIPE Vessel?

08. Can point loads or distributed loads be applied to the shells or heads?

09. How does AutoPIPE Vessel handle code required or user define load cases?

10. Can transportation load cases be user define such as shipping acceleration load cases.

11. Unable to add miscellaneous weight to a model in AutoPIPE Vessel

12. How to perform analysis for Horizontal Shipping of Vertical Vessels (column)

13. What is the difference regarding seismic calculation between SLS (Serviceability Limit State) and ULS (Ultimate Limit State) when using AutoPIPE Vessel?

14. Are load combinations considered for EN 1998-1 Eurocode seismic calculations for vertical vessels?

15. How is the horizontal seismic force applied in AutoPIPE Vessel?

16. How is the Response Spectrum Analysis performed in AutoPIPE Vessel?

17. How is the site spectrum resolved as static seismic loading in AutoPIPE Vessel?

18. What value must be inputted as overpressure for Load conditions - Blast calculation in AutoPIPE Vessel?

19. Why does AutoPIPE Vessel version calculate foundation loads which are about 60% less than the older version

20. How to obtain correct foundation load when there is a negative Straight Flange input in hemispherical head Component Properties field when using AutoPIPE Vessel?

21. Is it possible to specify factors on foundation loads in AutoPIPE Vessel?

22. Why is AutoPIPE Vessel not generating rain flow calculations in the report when I run fatigue calculations?

23. How to model a blast load in AutoPIPE Vessel

24. Why reported Hydrotest Test Pressure values do not match code equation hand calculations (ex. ASME VIII DIV.1)

25. How are the seismic load is calculated in AutoPIPE Vessel?

26. Nozzle local Load - at which point is it applied?

27. Earthquake load cases results are not reported

28. % of Operating

29. AutoPIPE Vessel ( don't have option for Earthquake analysis as per Design Spectrum method in EN 1998-1 (

30. Impossible to enter Ra, Rm, Tb, Tc, Td values in the earthquake window.

31. Is anywhere in the AutoPIPE Vessel report stated the earthquake load case frequency of the vessel?

32. Foundation Load values are not correct.