Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

01. When choosing a 8" nominal shell size the O.D. is reflected as 8.78" O.D. (it should be 8.625").

02. How to import Aspentech edr file into AutoPIPE Vessel?

03. For a shell and tube exchanger with fixed tubesheets, the AutoPIPE Vessel is locked with the "Mechanical cleaning" option even if the option is unchecked?

04. How to manage the baffle spacing of a heat exchanger in AutoPIPE Vessel?

05. How to manage the number of Tubesheets in an AutoPIPE Vessel heat exchanger

06. How to see the pass order number and how to change it in an AutoPIPE Vessel model?

07. Model imported from HTRI suggest tubesheet has 360 tubes, however AutoPIPE Vessel suggest only 332, why?

08. Number of Heat exchanger tubes and path are different in the AutoPIPE Vessel report, why?

09. When changing the material on tubeside, focus of the model changes to a different location in an AutoPIPE Vessel model, why?

10. Why are the ASME 2019 - appendix A-2 calculation for Tubesheet with tubes expanded + seal welded not performed?

11. Why is tubesheet layout not full of tubes?

12. How can I insert the shell connection on the head of a heat exchanger in AutoPIPE Vessel?

13. How to connect two different shell radius (ex. dia #1 =4000 mm, dia #2 = 4220 mm) that have a 50 mm gap between them in AutoPIPE Vessel?

14. How to model customized base plate of a Saddle support for Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger in AutoPIPE Vessel?

15. Use TEMA Metric Bolt Root Area (TEMA Table D-5M) from section 9 in an AutoPIPE Vessel model.

16. Where to input extra cladding thickness on tubesheets in AutoPIPE Vessel?

17. How to Change the corrosion allowance for clad bottom plate on a heart exchanger model in AutoPIPE Vessel?

18. How do I design a stacked heat exchanger?

19. How does AutoPIPE Vessel set the design conditions for tubesheet?

20. How to define shell length in different types of Heat Exchanger in AutoPIPE Vessel

21. Where do we mention Creep and Fatigue data on Heat exchanger ? We can see tick mark but how about magnitude?

22. Where do we mention MMT (Mean Metal Temp) in AutoPipe Vessel for Fix tube sheet Heat Exchanger?

23. Heat Exchanger Geometry

24. Heat Exchanger Pass Partition Plate Modification

25. How to manage the baffle spacing of a heat exchanger?

26. Does AutoPIPE Vessel automatically update the tubesheet design conditions when the heat exchanger design conditions are changed?

27. How to use the Tube sheet Design Conditions dialog in AutoPIPE Vessel?

28. What is the difference between tubesheet design condition and design case?

29. While designing a AutoPIPE Vessel heat exchanger tubesheet flange, the "Use EN 13445 Annex G/EN 1591" option is greyed out, why?

30. The definition of the characteristics of the gasket under the pass partition in a heat exchanger is not possible

31. How to model and design heat exchanger with shell dimension based on nominal pipe size?

32. How to specify shell ID instead of tube numbers in modeling the tube layout?

33. How is shell length for heat exchanger determined in AutoPIPE Vessel?

34. How can I input a specific bundle characteristics using AutoPIPE Vessel?

35. How AutoPIPE Vessel calculates the shell length at the time of Heat Exchanger Design?

36. How is shell length interpreted in AutoPIPE Vessel?

37. Is the corrosion allowance taken into account for the tubes in an ASME design?

38. Why can't I choose a "Double Segmental" baffle type for a BFM heat exchanger which is a common design method for those?

39. What settings to use for DIC and OTL on the harness tab in AutoPIPE Vessel?

40. Baffles are deleted when deleting a Nozzle element

41. Why effective diameter formula is different in operating and hydrotest condition (tube side) compared to hydrotest condition shell side?

42. Tube Bundle report is not aligned with bundle layout

43. Axial tube stress and Tube to tubesheet joint check for U-tube tubesheet

44. Calculate MAP (New and cold)

45. Why relocation of the pass partition is reset when clicking on "compute" (heat exchanger)?

46. Calculate Maximum shear load;Qi

47. Explain why is it not possible to split the shell in 3 parts? And why it is failing in strength at shell/channel joint?

48. How to add different gasket In gasketed Tubesheet connection In AES Heat Exchanger?

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