Advantages of Using a Deployment Image

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Product(s):STAAD Advanced Concrete Design
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:STAAD.Pro Download/Installation/Security/Performance
Original Author:Aaradhya Rahate, Bentley Technical Support Group

What are the advantages of Using a Deployment Image?

Conceptually, the deployment image can be considered as a pre-configured offline installer. Following are the advantages of using a deployment image:

Contents of Deployment Image

The deployment image contains all the files that are packaged with the product as well as the downloadable files. The image does not analyze the system on which it is created. It simply saves all the components for installation. The deployment image also saves the installation configuration.

Before You Start

Using non-root drive - If the installation drive set in the deployment image configuration settings is other than the root directory (usually c:\), make sure that the drive exists on the machine on which the application is to be installed.

In below wiki you can find steps to create Deployment Image for STAAD. Pro CE

 Steps to Create Deployment Image for STAAD.Pro CE