Rotate text placed at arbitrary angle back to 0 or 90 degree

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 Environment: Windows 7 32 bit
 Area: Text
 Subarea: N\A
 Original Author:Judy Wong, Bentley Technical Support Group


Any VBA to rotate text placed at arbitrary angle back to 0 or 90 degree?
Can text that is placed at an arbitrary angle be easily rotated (via
command or key-in) to sit at 0 or 90 degrees to match other text placed
horizontally, without having to delete it and then re-entering it.

Product: MicroStation V8i
Area: VBA, text, angle, rotate, align, SS3


This AskInga article maybe of use to your query:

1. Download and extract the contents from the zip file.
2. Place both mvbas in the folder pointed to by MS_VBASEARCHDIRECTORIES
3. Keyin: vba load ActiveAngleAssistant to load the project, or...
4.  Configure MS_VBAAUTOLOADPROJECTS to automatically load the mvba project upon startup.
5. Keyin: vba run getangle to open the dialog.

The VBA macro here allows you to set and get the active angle based on a selected element such as a line, text, cell, or curve. It also contains some cool options for rotating elements. A must have for the management of your active angle

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