Fonts not displaying correctly in MicroStation /J

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 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


Fonts not displaying correctly in MicroStation.

AutoCAD file was opened in MicroStation J and when you try to edit the text it is scrambled in the edit text dialog box


AutoCad fonts were not mapped to MicroStation fonts and therefore the fonts are being substituted in Microstation. Suggested to open DWG file in V8 add the SHX file to the MS_DWGFONTPATH and this will correct the font problem while the file is opened in V8. When the file is saved from V8 format to the V7 format a remap file will need to be created, mapping the AutoCAD fonts to MicroStation fonts. This will allow the file to be viewed correctly in MicroStation J. Refered to the Help > Contents > Guide to Using DWG and Other Formats > Working with DWG Data in MicroStation > Saving to DWG Files > Remapping Data to Other File Formats.

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