How characters in a font can be modified in MicroStation J.

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How characters in a font can be modified in MicroStation J.


To modify font characters:

1. Move the attached to your bentley \ program \ microstation \ mdlsys \ asneeded folder.

2. Open any 2d DGN, it will not work if your in a 3d DGN. Load the Mdl by typing in the Key-in window mdl load fontexpt
r> or clicking the Utilities>Mdl Applications, select and click Run.

3. Select the font you want to export then click the Export button.

4. Select a folder and name for the cell library. Unless you plan to delete the original font cha nge the name of the cell library to a unique font name. Add the *.rsc to the same location as your other *.rsc files (i.e. bentley \workspace\system\symb folder).

5. Click Element>Cell. Attach the cell library if it's not already.

6. Place cells you want to modify. Drop the cell to components. Make sure the level and color is the same as the rest of them. Make sure the cell you replace has no complex elements( i.e. cell, complex shapes, ect) and no text. If you want to use text drop it down to just ele ments.

7. Click Utilities>Install Fonts.

8. On the right side of the dialog box select a font resource file or creat e a new one to place this font into. I would create a new one rather then modify the existing font.rsc.

9. On the left side click the Open button then change the "Type" setting to Font Cell Library (*.cel). Find the modified cell library you created then add it the "File List" field at the bottom of the dialog box. Click the Done button.

10. Highlight the cell library in the left window then click the copy button in between the 2 windows. If you click the Done button that's it. It should be a font you can access from within MicroStation.

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