How to Disable the Autostack Function

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 Area: Text
 Subarea: Fonts
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


How to disable the autostack fractions function for true type fonts and SHX fonts, in DGN and DWG Workmodes.

Product: MicroStation 2004 Edition


In DGN Workmode, the option is available to turn off Fractions in the Text Style dialog box. This also effects USTN fonts that contain stacked fraction glyphs, in that the stacked fraction glyph is not used if Fractions are not turned on.

In DWG Workmode, Fractions are grayed out (disabled) in the Text Style dialog box because the setting does not exist in AutoCAD. To disable stacked Fractions in DWG Workmode, add the following variable to your workspace:


Configuration Variables can be used to disable stacked fractions for True Type and SHX Fonts in other Workmodes as follows:

All Workmodes:


V8 Workmode:


V7 Workmode: