How to create Text Nodes from text strings.

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: Text
 Subarea: General
 Original Author:Bentley Technical Support Group


How to create Text Nodes from text strings.


Use as found on MOTW (4 clicks).

1. Open DGN file that contains text you wish to convert
2. Utilities > Key-in
3. Type: mdl load txt2node [This will open a Tool Box]
4. Press the Tool Button [Convert Text Elements to Text Node]
5. Within the Convert Text To Node Tool Setting, toggle on Delete Original

ASIDE: Do Not toggle on Use Fence as this will create one text node out of every single line of text within the fence.

6. Following the Status Bar prompts and select one of the text strings that you wish to covert to a text node
7. Now, move your cursor away from the selected text string and accept. [This is important b/c if you accept by entering another data point on the text string, another instance of that string will be added to the node]
8. The text on the cursor is now a text node and can be placed at the desired location.
Using the Word Processor Text Editor Style, add a blank line at the end of the text string. (5 clicks)

Use the following workflow employing Notepad (min 7 clicks)

Put text you want in a selection set, C, open Notepad, V, A, C, then get back into MicroStation and V.