Reduction of Analysis Time.


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Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP CONBOX/CIP RC/PT Girder

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Leap Bridge Technical Support Group – VM

QUESTION: How to reduce the analysis time when too many tendons are assigned in the Box girder ?


When there are too many tendons ( for ex: 30 tendons) assigned with different types of Pjack force then the program will take lot of time to analyze the Box girder. To reduce the analysis time these are the few suggestions which users can adopt -

1) Out of 30 tendons if there are tendons with similar Pjack force (for ex. 10 tendons with 2000 kips Pjack force/per tendon) then the user should group those tendons and add all the Pjack force (10x2000 = 20000 kips) and input in Conbox .

Group 1 = 10 x 2000 = 20000 kips

Group 2 = 10x 3000 = 30000 kips

Group 3 = 10 x 2500 = 25000 kips .............

2) By grouping the tendons the program takes less time to run the analysis and Design the box girder.

3) Should save the file on the local Drive.

4) Close all the unwanted programs.