How MicroStation handles the spacing of characters

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MicroStation handles the spacing of character depending on fixed spacing & intercharacter spacing.

How does the size of different ( "I" "E" "M" ) character effect inter-character spacing or when Fixed spacing is turned on or off.


Fixed character spacing - This option effects the Characters in the following way. The distance between the left edge of one character to the left edge of the next character is constant and is set to the input value.

Other cases - the spacing is calculated from the right edge of one character to the left edge of the next character.

In neither case are measurements made from the center of a character.

Then, there is kerning. Kerning is defined by the font and is an adjustment to spaces between

"CERTAIN PAIRS" of characters (not all characters) to give the composition a better look. Consider the following example:

In such cases, by normal spacing methods the gap between the 'I' and the 'B' will be larger when left to itself. So, fonts
define what is called a kerning to move such pairs closer to each other. With fixed character spacing, MicroStation does not use kerning etc. At this point MicroStation is only using the distance between the start of one character to the start of the next character.

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