Place Text Key-in Method Origin



There is no key-in for PLACE TEXT ORIGIN or PLACE DIALOGTEXT ORIGIN. The key-in PLACE TEXT | DIALOGTEXT defaults to the last method used for placing text.


Use string of DMSG key-ins to place text by origin:

PLACE DIALOGTEXT ICON = activate the Place Text tool
DMSG FOCUSDIALOG TOOLSET = give focus to the Tool Settings dialog box
DMSG FOCUSITEM 0 = give focus to the first item in this dialog box
DMSG ACTION OKAY = open this item
DMSG CURSOR LINEBEGIN = go to the first item in the drop down list
DMSG ACTION OKAY = accept the selection in the drop down list

Solution is valid for MicroStation XM Edition, MicroStation 2004 Edition, and MicroStation V8i.

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