True Type Font Changes

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 Environment: N\A
 Area: Text
 Subarea: Fonts
 Original Author:Henricus Ligtvoet, Bentley Technical Support Group


When opening a file on one computer, the font is different when opening the same file on a different computer.


MicroStation V8 2004 Edition, permits setting a font either by the number or by name. MicroStation V8i only permits setting a font by the name.

As font numbers for true type fonts are assigned "on the fly", these assignments can differ from one pc to another (depending on the available fonts), and the resulting font can differ too.

If the name of a font is used, the result is constant and unique (independent from the available fonts). Once text is edited in V8i, the font is fixed (as V8i rewrites the text element using the font name).

To resolve:
(1) Apply a text style to the existing texts.
(2) Use the Change Text Attributes tool to rewrite the font definition. Texts with a specific font can be selected first with Edit > Select By Attributes.