Explanation on properties listed in the timber database in STAAD.Pro

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Area: Design Solutions
Subarea: Timber Design
Original Author:Sye Chakraborty, Bentley Technical Support Group


The timber database tables in STAAD.Pro lists various properties like B, D, Sxx, Syy, Fb, Ft, Fc perp etc. Can you please explain what these represent  ?

Here is an explanation on the various items included in the Timber database tables

B – Width of the section

D – Depth of the section

Area – Cross sectional area

Sxx – Elastic section modulus about the major axis

Ixx – Moment of inertia about the major axis

Syy – Elastic section modulus about the minor axis

Iyy – Moment of inertia about the minor axis

Fb – Allowable Bending Stress

Ft – Allowable Tensile Stress

Fv – Allowable Shear Stress

Fc perp – Allowable Compression perpendicular to grain

Fc - Allowable Compression parallel to grain

E – Elastic modulus