Design codes supported by STAAD design code licenses

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 Original Author:Jeremy Hoesly, Bentley Technical Support Group

This article guides users to a list of design codes supported within STAAD.Pro along with the licenses that include them.

STAAD.Pro supports several international design codes. These design codes are grouped together and supported with specific design code licenses. However, the groupings are not always obvious. STAAD.Pro includes in the documentation a list of supported codes along with the licenses that cover them.

In the latest STAAD.Pro CONNECT Edition, you can find the documentation at the location below

In the older STAAD.Pro v8i, please follow the steps below

  1. Select from the Windows Start menu:
    All Programs -> Bentley Engineering -> STAAD.Pro V8i -> STAAD.Pro Online Documentation

  2. In the window that appears, click the Contents tab on the left pane.

  3. Expand the first topic titled Welcome to STAAD.Pro V8i.

  4. Select the listing titled Available Design Codes in STAAD.Pro.

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