How to Associate Text to an element in CONNECT Edition



Before CONNECT Edition of MicroStation, it was possible to place Notes which were associated to a specific element, so that when the element was moved or modified, the note would move with the element. Now, in CONNECT Edition, this capability was extended to text and the newer format: labels. How do I perform this act in CONNECT Edition?


In CONNECT Edition, begin placing text by using the Place Text tool. Make sure the Relative Association option (marked by a red box) is selected.

Choose the point on the anchored element that you want to set as the anchor point, which is the point that MicroStation will use to anchor the text to the element. In other words, when you move the point, the text moves with it.

Place the text you want to associate to the element. Remember: the location you place the text is important. It will move relative to the anchor point chosen previously, so the distance between the text and the anchor point will never change.

Now, the text will move along with the anchor point you chose earlier.

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