PSC Bridge Design - RM Bridge: Tendons Definition

RM > Modeler > Tendons > Geometry

“Internal” Tendons = post-tensioned tendons.

“Master” Profile = for the whole superstructure and to assign this geometry to different tendons stressed in different construction stage. (Tnds100,110,200,210,300,310)

“Slave” Profile = profile taken from one Master Profile. (Tnds101,102,103….311, 312,313)


RM > Modeler > Tendons > Tendon Stressing

RM > Analyzer > Structure > Tendons

 User can check all the geometry introduced for tendons.

As well as in the output file “tendon.lst”.


RM > Analyzer > Schedule > Tendon Load

 User can check all the tendon forces considered in the calculation.

Output file “stress.lst”.


Video 2: RM Bridge – Tendons Definition.