How to create an opening in a model when rendering


How to create an opening / cut away in a model when rendering


On occasions, it is useful to provide a rendered image showing what is inside a portion of the model. For example you may want to cut away part of the facade of a building to show the design of the atrium within, or cut away part of a roads surface to see what services are below.

These cut outs could of course be modelled, removing areas not required but the following method will demonstrate the use of the Render Boolean tool.

Example Before / After


Steps to Accomplish


  1. Open the 3D Design Model

  2. Place a Solid to define the volume that you wish to remove from the design

  3. From Visualization workflow choose the Home tab, under Utilities group select Render Boolean Add tool.

  4. Select the Solid created in step 2 and accept.

  5. Render the view using Luxology and save the image


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 Original Author:Carl Myhill