PSC Bridge Design - OBM/RM: Analysis and Bridge Design.

RM > File > Read TCL Data

Schedule Actions for construction stages, additional and traffic load cases, load combinations, check actions…

Loads Definition with combination table, load management, load sets and load cases.

Traffic Lanes and Load Trains.

RM > Recalculate Analyzer

Run Analysis with LC by LC a linear analysis.

Generate Diagrams during the running.

Display Deck Reinforcement.

Check Reinforcement results in reinf.xls.

RM > Extras > OpenBridge Modeler

Export Tendons to OBM.

Save RM Bridge Wireframe as a 3D *.DGN file.

OBM > References

Reference file: rmV8i_1.dgn

Video 4: RM Bridge - Analysis and Bridge Design.