Update / Replace a shared cell definition with original cell library

 Version:V8, 2004, XM, V8i, CONNECT
 Subarea:Replace Cell


How do I update/replace a shared cell definition if I have the original cell library?


1. Locate the shared cell whose cell definition needs to be updated. If the shared cell is a terminator of a dimension or note, then you must place the cell independent of either: as a loose cell within the file as a shared cell. To do this, you simply have to go to the Cell Library dialog, click on the 'Use Shared Cells' option, find the shared cell you want to update, and press 'Placement'. Clicking within the file will place the cell.

2. Attach the cell library to the drawing. In the Cell Library dialog box, go to File>Attach File. In the File Open dialog that opens, find the cell library which contains the cell whose cell definition needs to be updated. Click Open.

3. Select the Replace Cells command. You can either go to Tools>Cells>Replace Cells or you can key-in REPLACE CELLS EXTENDED.

4. Set Method to 'Update'.

5. Set Mode to 'Global'.

6. Select the cell which was placed in step 1.

7. Left mouse click again to accept the change and finish updating the cell.

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