Customization of anchors in base plate for Euro Code in RAM Connection

Applies To
Product(s):RAM Connection
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area: RAM Connection
Subarea: Connection design
Original Author:Abhisek Mandal, Bentley Technical Support Group


In RAM Connection how to model base plate with anchors in customized numbers and positions for Euro Code?

In RAM Connection base plate for Euro code there are 2 set of templates.

We need to choose Base Plate Biaxial EN option and then choose any one of them. But choosing the fixed biaxial BP EN is recommended as it provides the direct option to input values. Else, we can change the analysis type to Biaxial in the connection pad as shown below.

Once we choose these templates, new fields will be available under anchor tab to provide input for anchor positions and numbers. These values will actually guide the position of anchors in the base plate.