How to read reinforcement information from Column/Wall Pier & Abutment design TAB

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Document Type: FAQ

Product(s): LEAP RCPIER/Substructure

Version(s): All

Original Author: Bentley Technical Support Group -VM

QUESTION: How to read the Reinforcement information from Column/Wall Pier and Abutment Design TAB ?


Once the Auto Design is done the program shows the reinforcement information in the Design TAB.

Layer #      Generally this heading represents the number of layers of required reinforcement (Maximum of 2 Layers).

Direction :  This represents the direction in which the reinforcement is provided . There are 2 directions available one is X and the other is Z .

                  X direction is basically the direction Perpendicular to Traffic.

                  Z direction is basically the direction Along the traffic

Bar Size : Under this option the user can select the size of the rebar.

# bars :   Under this option if the number is 10 that means 10 vertical rebar's are provided on each face of the column/wall pier or Abutment.

Bar Dist. :  This basically represents the cover.

From -- To : This basically represents the rebar height the user wants to assign along the height of the support.

Hook -- Under this option the user can select the angle of hook (90 or 180) at the top and bottom of the support.